Laboratoire d'Expérimentation en Sciences Sociales et Analyse des Comportements

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The LESSAC currenly employs several researchers as core members, and several others researchers conducting experimental research from the other teams in the school and working with us on several projects.

We conduct experiments in economics, psychology, innovation, communication, marketing, food sciences, finance, management , informations systems.

AJDUKOVIC Ivan, researcher in social psychology

MAX Sylvain, researcher in social psychology

MATEU Guillermo, researcher in finance

LENTZ Frank, researcher in information systems

BIOT-PAQUEROT Guillaume, researcher in information systems

DUARTE Magalieresearcher in information systems

HERNAN GONZALEZ Roberto , researcher in behavioral economics

SPIEGELMAN Eli, researcher in behavioral economics

SUTAN Angela, researcher in behavioral economics, Head of LESSAC

BONESCU Mihaela, researcher in communication

MALEZIEUX Antoine, researcher in behavioral economics

TAVILLA Valériane, researcher in communication

GUIDO Andrea, researcher in behavioral economics and lab manager

MARTINANGELLI Andrearesearcher in behavioral economics

ROSAZ Julieresearcher in behavioral economics, from the Digital Axis

CASORIA Fortuna, researcher in behavioral economics, from the Digital Axis

GASSMANN Xavierresearcher in behavioral economics

MONTAGNER Eleonora, from the ACM Axis

Some of our former colleagues :

Rustam Romaniuc, now at MBS
Gilles Grolleau, now at ESSCA
Georgia Michailiodou, now at NYU Abu Dhabi
Julia Rose, now at Erasmus U Rotterdam
Hayyan Alia, now at EDHEC
Philipp Otto, now at Europa University Viadrina
Ghislain Bourg, now at Auxilia Conseil
Marta Ballatore, now at PBS
BOBIN Noémie, now a PhD Student at CEEM Montpellier
Daniele Fares, now a PhD Student at UBergamo