Laboratoire d'Expérimentation en Sciences Sociales et Analyse des Comportements

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Ivan Ajdukovic

Ivan AJDUKOVIC is Associate Professor at the Burgundy School of Business (BSB) and member of the LESSAC. He has a PhD in Social Psychology and mainly works on environmental topics. During past years, he studied how "Green People" are socially valued on the affective and professional ways (1); how people bond with their environment and how this bond can affect their behavior (2); how comfort and satisfaction in the workplace environment can affect the organizational citizenship behaviors, especially the "green" ones (3). He also contributed to a state-of-the-art of behavior change techniques, regarding pro-environmental behaviors.

After joining BSB in 2016, he started working with experimental economics paradigms on ethic and intergenerational topics, trying to understand how people behave ethically regarding a finite resource, and how bonded people can behave sustainably.

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