Laboratoire d'Expérimentation en Sciences Sociales et Analyse des Comportements

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Plenary Speakers and Semi-Plenary Sessions


All lunches will be held in the historical building of the Cellier des Clairvaux, a Cistercian cellar in the early Cistercian Gothic style, founded by the Abbey of Clairvaux in the 13th century, in the historic centre of Dijon, classified as a historic monument.

We are honored to announce that the following plenary speakers confirmed their venue:

Prof. Alvin Roth (Stanford University, 2012 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics) will give the final plenary talk of the conference on Saturday, Sept. 7th.

Prof. Marie-Claire Villeval (GATE, Lyon).

Prof. Simon Gachter (University of Nottingham)

Prof. Roberto Weber (University of Zurich)

A plenary media event is organized by Thibault Lieurade, from the Conversation, with Alvin Roth, Nicolas Jacquemet and Martin Kocher.

In addition to the 4 plenary talks and the media event, we invited young and brilliant colleagues to organize 6 semi-plenary sessions. The semi-plenary sessions are composed each of 3 talks (the organizer + 2 selected papers among the submissions). If you would like to be selected in one of the semi-plenary sessions, please indicate this in capitals at the top of your submitted abstract). Also, write to the organizers of the semi-plenary session to inform them about your submission and to check your paper fits in the session.

Paolo Crosetto (INRA, Grenoble) will organize a semi-plenary session on The external validity of Risk Elicitation Measures.

Brice Corgnet (EM Lyon) will organize a semi-plenary session on Labour Experimental Economics.

Fabio Galeotti (GATE, Lyon) will organize a semi-pleanry session on Dishonesty.

Christophe Heintz (Central European University) will organize a semi-plenary session on Experiments with non-Humans

Giuseppe Attanasi (University of Nice) will organize a session on Green Innovation and Creativity (linked to the ANR grant on this topic).

Nobuyuki Hanaki (University of Nice) will organize a session on Level-K.