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Drinking, Eating and Visiting (in) Dijon

Drinking and eating are extremely important in Dijon. We will suggest here our favorite places to eat and drink.

For the moment, you can have a look at our previous events here and here (in the slideshows, you can discover places where we went for lunch, dinner and drinks).

Here you can find amazing ideas about nice activites in Dijon: https://www.destinationdijon.com/ (there are interactive PDF versions of activities here: https://www.destinationdijon.com/pratique/les-brochures/)

Please note that in Dijon, like in most French cities, most restaurants have different prices at luch and dinner. Dijon is a gastronomic capital and food is very nice, but is quite expensive in the evening. However, at lunch, even Michelin star chefs suggests "surprise" menus at 20 to 25 euros, and they are a delight. But you need to book in advance!


DZ'Envies (12 rue Odebert) - This is one of our favorite places in Dijon. David Zuddas, the chef, is famous for giving back his Michelin star as to be free and "close to people". Each day, at lunch, he prepares an unique menu at 20 euros which is pure art. He also has a Burgundy menu at 25 euros if you want to try traditional Burgundy dishes. In the evening, he as a 4 or 5 courses menus at less than 40 euros.

Bistro des halles (10 Rue Bannelier) -This also is one of our favorite places. The chefs, Nicolas Isnard et David Le Comte, have a Michelin star, and in this bistro near the market they also have an unique menu for lunch at 20 euros, but also a Burgundy amazing menu, and all their other dishes are available at lunch and dinner at the same price.

Foodies (12 Rue François Rude) - Those are the best burgers you have ever eaten, created by two young chefs from Auberge de la Charme, Julien Chauvenet et Charles Vinet! For real. They are made with local products (including Epoisse cheese). They are very crowded so go there early.

L'Epicerie (5 Place Emile Zola): This restaurant in the city center of Dijon will in general accomodate you without the need of reservation and with plenty of space for larger groups. Food is more of the traditional local type, rather than elegant and original, as in many smart places in Dijon. Prices are also quite reasonable. And quality is very good too.

More suggestions: https://www.destinationdijon.com/pratique/restaurants/