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Researchers' Night

Every year, in collaboration with the Experimentarium, we participate to the Researchers' Night in Dijon (or in another city). We are fundamentally attached to the idea of sharing our research with the public. "The European Researchers' Nights are events dedicated to popular science and fun learning. They are a unique opportunity to meet researchers, talk to them, and find out what they really do for society, in interactive and engaging ways. This can be through hands-on experiments, science shows, learning activities for children, guided visits of research labs, science quizzes, games, competitions with researchers and more". The European Researchers' Night takes place every year all over Europe and neighbouring countries the last Friday of September.

In 2017, nothing was impossible!

In 2016, at the Researchers' Night, we conducted an experiment about stereotypes and disability.

In 2015, we were the laureates of the Big Experiment (la Grande Expérience). Togheter with all the experimental laboratories from France, we conducted a simulaneous experiment with 3000 people during 4 uninterrupted hours, in 11 cities. Read more (French) or learn about our results in a video (French) or in a short paper (French).

In 2014, we organized several experiments during the night!

In 2013, we invited people to a behavioral finance session!

In 2012, we discussed about the future!

In the past, we participated in other special science popularization events, such as the Beer Night, the stereotypes workshop, and we have been involved for several years in the regular sessions of the Experimentarium de Dijon.

Photo: Vincent Arbelet