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Experimental Advances in Organizational Behavior, 2017

Experimental Advances in Organizational Behavior (a SABE France Workshop)

May 22nd to May 24th, 2017, Burgundy School of Business, Dijon

All pictures from the workshop, event by event, are/will be posted here.

List of scientific talks (the complete detailed program is available here):

Tuesday, May 23rd, Pavillon 1889, Beaune

9.30       Martin Kocher, University of Munich, and the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna

"Discrimination, Immigration, and Naturalization: Combining a Natural Experiment with a Large-Scale Trust Experiment in Schools"

10.10     Subhasish M. Chowdhury, University of East Anglia

"Born This Way? Pre-natal Exposure to Testosterone May Determine Conflict Behavior"

11.20     Uri Gneezy, Rady School Of Management, San Diego

"Targeted incentives: using violations of the fungibility principle to increase incentives effectiveness"

12.00     The Brilliant Idea Fair (part 1)

Eli Spiegelman (BSB)

Philippe Jacquart (EM Lyon)

Antoine Hémon (PSE)

14.40     Bjorn Bartling, University of Zurich

"The Limits to Moral Erosion in Markets: Social Norms and the Replacement Excuse"

15.20     Radu Vranceanu, ESSEC

"Experimental estimates of men's and women's willingness to compete: Does the gender of the partner matter?"

16.20     Christian Zehnder, University of Lausanne

"The charismatic leader"


Wednesday, 24th of May, Hotel de Vogué, Dijon

8.50       Matthias Sutter, Universities of Koln and Innsbruck

"Costly mistakes of customers in credence goods markets: evidence from field experiments"

9.30       Marc Willinger, University of Montpellier

"Consumption smoothing and subjective discounting in the presence of background risk"

10.10     Nobuyuki Hanaki, University of Nice

"On the Roots of the Intrinsic Value of Decision Rights: Evidence from France and Japan"

11.20     The Brilliant Idea Fair (Part 2)

Ludivine Martin (LISER)

Remi Yin (PSE)

Justine Jouxtel (PSE)

14.00     Philip Grossman, Monash University

“The influence of leader reputation on followers’ response to cheap talk messages”

14.40     Béatrice Boulu-Reshef, PSE

"Inventory Management with Carryover in a Laboratory Setting: Going Beyond the Newsvendor Paradigm"

15.20     Brice Corgnet, EM Lyon

"On the Merit of Equal Pay: Performance Manipulation and Incentive Setting"