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Sylvain Max

Sylvain MAX is Associate Professor at the Burgundy School of Business and member of the LESSAC. He is a Social Psychologist, specialized in diversity management and he holds a PhD in Educational Sciences. His research and teaching goals aim to apply the results of social psychology research for business. His research scopes are linked to diversity management amongst teams and companies and the impact of stereotypes and social norms in management. He is the founder and manager of the group for psychologists in french business schools. He has developed in the BSB the course

Social psychology for business". In 2012, he obtained a MBTI® qualification.

Recent works:

Peer-Reviewed Journals :

J. Celse, S. Max, W. Steinel, I.Soraperra, S. Shalvi Uncertain lies: How payoff uncertainty affects dishonesty, Journal of Economic Psychology.

Ajdukovic, I., Max, S., Perchot, R. & Spiegelman, E. (2018). The economic psychology of Gabriel Tarde: Something new for behavioral economics? Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy, 2, 5-11.

Celse, J., Galia, F. & Max, S. (2017). Are (Negative) Emotions to Blame for Being Positional? An Experimental Investigation of the Impact of Emotional States on Status Preferences. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 67, 122-130. [CNRS 4]

Galia, F., Lentz, F., Max, S., Sutan, A., & Zenou, E. (2017 ). Selecting board members: The impact of common knowledge on gender diversity, an experimental investigation. Managerial and Decision Economics38, 806-821. [CNRS 3 - AERES Psychologie]

Celse, J., Chang, K., Max, S., & Quinton, S. (2016). The reduction of employee lying behavior: Inspiration from a study of envy in part-time employees. Journal of Strategy and Management, 9,118-137.

Pansu, P., Régner, I., Max, S., Colé, P., & Huguet, P. (2016). A burden for the boys: Evidence of stereotype threat in boys' reading performance. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 65, 26-30. [AERES Psychologie]

Heintz, C., Celse, J., Giardini, F., & Max, S. (2015). Facing expectations: Those that we prefer to fulfil and those that we disregard. Judgement and Decision Making, 10, 442-455. [AERES Psychologie]

Max, S., & Ballereau, V. (2013). Theorizing about gender and entrepreneurship: Bridging the gap with social psychology. International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship, 5, 97-110.

Chapitres d'Ouvrage :

Max, S., & Gandit, M. (2011). Vers un modèle intégratif du concept de "preuve sociale". In J. Baillé (Ed.), Preuve (pp. 199-214). Grenoble : Presses Universitaires de Grenoble.

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