Laboratoire d'Expérimentation en Sciences Sociales et Analyse des Comportements

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Data Science track

A new track in Data Science is available for our students!

In Core Courses students will learn about (i) markets and operation of markets for resources, goods and services; (ii) management and development of people and organizational tools within organizations, business policy and strategy; (iii) complex organizational issues.

Concentration Courses will offer a view on technological and digital perspectives and the relation with Information Systems and Information Communication Technologies at the workplace: (i) the consequences of ICT use on employees, leaders and organizations; (ii) (de)centralization and its impact on the structure of decision-making; (iii) the role of Big Data and digital management strategy on motivation and productivity in the workplace.
The master offers 3 scholarships - More informations here soon!

If you want to enroll in this track, please contact: