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Marta Ballatore

I’m a PhD Candidate at Université Cote d’Azur under the supervision of Agnès Festré and Lise Arena. My thesis focuses on emerging technologies (blockchain, IoT and smart contracts) and the associated "digital servitization" phenomenon occurring in the automotive industry. I use a mixed methodology, which combines qualitative methods (semi-structured interviews, focus groups) with experimental economics (lab and online experiments).
From September, I am part of the "ACM - Art and Cultural Management" axis as a research and teaching assistant and I am currently working on the use of emerging technologies in the art sector (with Marilena Vecco, and Vincenzo Zarone from the University of Pisa). In the coming months, I will be involved in the Horizon 2021 project on Cultural Heritage obtained by the ACM axis in collaboration with the Wine & Spirits axis.