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Hayyan Alia

Associate professor at the department of accounting, finance and law of Burgundy School of Business. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté, with a dissertation on the economic behaviour of the poor. Consumer research and development economics are his main fields of interest. In collaboration with LESSAC, he has conducted field experiments in Cairo, Egypt as a part of his PhD studies on market research in microfinance. He has participated, as well, in the “Grand Participative Experiment” directed by LESSAC in the 2015 edition of the “European Researchers' Night”.

Research Gate profile.

Some recent publications in CNRS peer-reviewed journals:

Alia, H., Ashta, A., Ratsimalahelo, Z. A Modified Household Economic Portfolio Model For Assessing Impact of Microfinance Using Diaries. Qualitative Market Research, 2017, 20,(1): 2-27.

Alia, H., Mateu, G., Sutan, A. Behavioral Microfinance: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Cairo. Strategic Change, 2015, 24,(1): 85-97.

Koloma, Y., Alia, H. Gendered Impact of Microcredit in Mali: An Evaluation by Propensity Score Matching. Strategic Change, 2014, 23,(7-8): 517-530.