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In September 2018, a new Master in Competive Intelligence, with a Behavioral and Digital Economics for Effective Management track will open at the UBFC. This master will be operated at the BSB, and will jointly be supervised by Karine Brisset and François Cochard, from the CRESE, and Angela Sutan from the LESSAC.

This master was selected in the excellence initiative ISITE.


The Master in Behavioral and Digital Economics for Effective Management (BDEEM) will train future leaders and academics in (digital) management to a high level of expertise in the intersection between management, behavioral tools and digital technologies.
In Core Courses students will learn about (i) markets and operation of markets for resources, goods and services; (ii) management and development of people and organizational tools within organizations, business policy and strategy; (iii) complex organizational issues.
Concentration Courses will offer a view on technological and digital perspectives and the relation with Information Systems and Information Communication Technologies at the workplace: (i) the consequences of ICT use on employees, leaders and organizations; (ii) (de)centralization and its impact on the structure of decision-making; (iii) the role of Big Data and digital management strategy on motivation and productivity in the workplace.
The master offers 3 scholarships - More informations here soon!

If you want to enroll in this Master, please contact: