Laboratoire d'Expérimentation en Sciences Sociales et Analyse des Comportements

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Julia Rose

I am Post Doc at the Burgundy School of Business (BSB) and member at the LESSAC.

The main focus of my research is on risk preferences and related concepts (ambiguity/vagueness aversion, non-linear probability weighting, investment decisions, market behavior, etc.). In my projects, I make use of several tools of economics and finance, but also embedd my findings in a framework provided by neuroscience and psychology. By doing so, I am interested in the temporal and contextual stability of preferences – disentangling preference shifts from pure noise in decisions – and how individual preferences translate into experimental market settings. Contexts range from the experimental induction of exogenous stress to inducing anticipated anxiety. My aim is to combine a model-theoretic framework with evidence from laboratory experiments to be able to base  my findings on and compare my results to predicitions of behavioral economics.

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