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Emmanuel Zenou

Emmanuel Zenou is professor of Finance and Corporate Governance, and member of the Research Chair in Corporate Governance, at the Burgundy School of Business (France). His PhD work was finalist of I.F.A.'s prize of Best PhD in Corporate Governance in 2006 (French Institute of Directors).

He works on the role of diversity in board composition, specificity of female directors' networks and the impact of board composition. Current research and papers focus on the cognitive impact of diversity in board composition and board capital, especially in connection with innovation. He received several best paper awards in EIASM Corporate Governance Workshops between 2012 and 2016.

The use of Experimental Economics allows to study and measure the impact of decision context and decision team characteristics on some cognitive outputs from Board of Directors, such as selection of board members or board choices.CV

Recent Academic Publications

  • “Women on Boards in the Organizational Context: Do women on Boards Create Value for the Organization? A Review of the Literature”, Book Chapter in ‘Women on Boards of Directors: An International Perspective’, Chap. 1 (to be published soon), International Leadership Association (ILA) & Information Age Publishing, 2017
  • “Gender Diversity on French Boards: Example of a Success from a Hard Law” (avec I. Allemand, B. Brullebaut), Book Chapter in ‘Gender Diversity in the Boardroom’, Chap. 5 (pp.103-124), Springer International Publishing, sept. 2017.
  • "Selecting board members: the impact of common knowledge on gender diversity, an experimental investigation" (with A Sutan, F Galia, S Max, F Lentz), Managerial and Decisions Economics Volume 38, Issue 6, September 2017, Pages: 806–821 [CNRS]
  • "Board composition and environmental innovation: does gender diversity matter?" (with F. Galia & M. Ingham), Int. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 2015, Vol. 24, N° 1 [CNRS]
  • “La Diversité du Conseil d'Administration Influence-t-elle l'Innovation ? L'impact de la Diversité de Genre et d'Age sur les Différents Types d'Innovation” (with F. Galia), Management et Avenir, n°66, dec. 2013. [CNRS]
  • "Board Composition and Forms of Innovation: Does Diversity Make a Difference?" (with F. Galia), European Journal of International Management, 2012, Vol.6, n°6, pp. 630-650. [AERES]
  • At the Origins of Female Directors' Networks: A Study of the French Case (with Allemand I., Brullebaut B.), in Research in Finance, 2012, Vol. 28, ch. 8, Emerald.

Recent Publications for Practitioners and Community

  • "Nominations des admnistrateurs : comment le conformisme social pénalise les femmes" (with F Galia et A Sutan), Dossier Expansion Management ReviewL'expansion, n° d'octobre 2015 (805)
  • "Diversité des conseils d’administration et innovation : des relations complexes", (with F Galia), Dossier Expansion Management ReviewL'expansion, n° d'avril 2015 (803)

Recent Conferences

  • "Which board for innovative firms? Innovation as a determinant of board capital" (2016) with F. Galia, I. Allemand, B. Brullebaut): EIASM 13th Corporate Governance Workshop, Milano, Oct. 27-28th, 2016
  • "Opening the Black Box of Board Members' selection process: An Experimental Investigation on the Impact of Social Norm on Gender Diversity" (2015), with Sutan, A., Galia, F., Max, S., Lentz, F.: EURAM 2015 Conference, 17-20 juin, Varsovie (Pologne); CIG (Colloque International de Gouvernance, June1st – 2nd 2015, Québec (Canada), EIASM 11th Corporate Governance Workshop, St Gallen, Oct. 27-28th , 2014
  • "Board composition and environmental innovation: does board diversity matter?" (2014), with Galia, F., Ingham, M.: EURAM, June 4th-7th 2014, Valencia, Spain; EIASM 10th Corporate Governance Workshop, Brussels, October 10-11th, 2013
  • “Does Board Diversity Influence Innovation? The Impact of Gender and Age Diversity on Innovation Types” (2013), with F. Galia: 4th Women on Board Research Workshop, Oslo, March 2013; CIG, Nantes, May 2013; AIMS, June 2013, Clermont-Ferrand ; DRUID, June 2013, Barcelona ; EURAM, June 2013, Istanbul; 4th World Business Ethics Forum, Dec 2012, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong.
  • "Board Composition and Forms of Innovation: Does Diversity Make a Difference?", with F Galia: 4th World Business Ethics Forum, Dec 16-18th 2012, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong ; EIASM 9th Governance Workshop, Bruxelles, May 14-15th, 2012.