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Emilie Ginon


Associate Professor in Marketing - Titular of a PhD in "Food Sciences" from the Burgundy University (France) since May 2010. Her thesis entitled "Contribution of the willingness to pay procedures in the study of the food product acceptability with nutritional information" set out several experiments based on methodological comparisons (declaratives measures versus incentives measures) in laboratory setting or field.

As a research scientist, she participates in the research activities development related to the understanding and the evaluation of the food consumption and purchase behavior. By allying sensory analysis and experimental economics, Emilie Ginon leads studies in laboratory setting and in natural setting of consumption and/or purchase. Her research projects provides essentially on the unsterstanding of the factors influencing the consumers' preferences and the decision-making in a given situation. Her researches are integrated into collaborative programs implying research laboratory and private companies on the different thematic as the methodological development and on the liking evolution in reaction to contextual factors.